Accidental Monsters of Meaning

Devised by Aimee Smith


Photo: David Collins

Performers: Rhiannon Newton & Aisling Donovan

In March the WA Museum will transform its temporary exhibition space into a living environment of dancing bodies. Accidental Monsters of Meaning is a live-art installation examining the monsters of our time and where they are leading us.

In a room filled with display cases five dancers twist and turn through imagery of consumer culture, are remote controlled by the audience, travel through an arctic wonderland and converse only in advertising slogans. Choreographer Aimee Smith invites you to navigate through this space and ask the question, what will take for our species to survive?

25 March – 3 April 2011

Weekdays: 10 – 2pm Weekends: 12 – 4pm

Western Australia Museum – Perth

Perth Cultural Centre, James Street

Concept / Choreography: Aimee Smith

Performers: Deb Robertson, Rhiannon Newton, Bianca Martin, Aisling Donovan, Natalie Holmwood & Isabella Stone

Sound design: Ben Taaffe

Costume design: Esther Gauntlett and Jaxon Reibel
Set construction: Ainsley Canning

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