9 March, 2009

I’ve just returned from my latest dance adventures in the regional WA town of Esperance where the community, several key organisers, 4 talented and generous Perth dance artists, and I worked together to create TranscenDANCE. Over the summer of 2009 the community of Esperance were given the opportunity to participate in dance workshops, of various styles, and work together towards a final evening of performance as part of Esperance’s biannual Festival of the Wind. Based around the wetlands environment, the project also provided an opportunity for the community to explore, rediscover, celebrate and voice their concerns and passions for this amazing local ecosystem. With over 100 participants and performers in the final TranscenDANCE production, it was an immense but hugely rewarding project to direct and be involved in. I think we are all still buzzing from the experience. I know I certainly am. It is so awesome to see communities and people come alive and re-connect through the medium of dance.  May the infection of grooving bodies continue to spread!